Opinion about Bircham International University

Bircham International University believes that the success of distance learning higher education relies on personalized adult degree programs and on the validity of a distance learning degree.



Opinion about Bircham International University

Only a few websites question the integrity and validity of Bircham International University (BIU). For instance, Wikipedia has a very conservative policy about adult degree programs like BIU, others write skeptical reports (Quackwatch) about distance learning universities and all institutions that teach natural health sciences. In the USA, three States (Texas, Michigan, and Oregon) out of 50 States do not accept the use of Bircham International University distance learning degrees in their jurisdictions. The Bircham University Opinion Forum may give you detailed information about all these issues.


Correction of reviews about our distance education university

Over the years, Bircham International University has worked hard to address improper reviews and opinion. A number of these websites has been contacted and provided with legal evidence that demonstrates the legitimacy, the consumer guarantee, and academic quality of Bircham International University. Many websites have changed their opinion about our distance education university; few made minor changes; while others remained skeptical. Time, Bircham International University significant presence in the distance learning higher education arena, and academic excellence are our best arguments to beat any critics. We encourage you to read some of our graduate's testimonies. In addition, Bircham International University has created an Opinion Forum to review and explain the veracity and credibility of any controversy. Read more...



Legal actions from Bircham International University.

We strongly believe in the freedom of speech and expression, but not in the publication of any misleading and erroneous information about our distance education university. For these reasons, Bircham International University initiates legal actions against any website or publication displaying incorrect information about the credibility and academic quality of our distance learning degree programs. These processes though are highly complex and, sometimes, slow to resolve. Help us by letting us know of any improper comments that involve Bircham International University.



Is BIU an authorized distance learning degree provider?

Yes, but Bircham International University adult degree program are not recognized by a Ministry of Education. BIU is a provider of non-formal or nontraditional distance learning higher education, so it does not need an expressed authorization from the Ministry of Education of Spain. BIU distance learning higher education and diplomas are authorized by its registration under section 932.2 (Higher non formal education) of the Spain Ministry of Economy. This fact is usually not well understood by many American organizations (AACRAO, Wikipedia, etc...).



Are BIU degrees officially recognized by the Ministry of Education?

At Bircham International University, we believe that the success of an adult degree program resides in two factors: First, personalized syllabi designed to meet individual students’ aspirations and educational needs, and second, an efficient evaluation of the distance learning learning process through the evaluation of home-written reports and/or theses. Both factors do not fit within the regular criteria and norms set by a Ministry of Education, which explains why Bircham International University distance learning degrees are considered non-formal and are not officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. Today, a traditional educational institution cannot offer a distance learning degree program that presents the flexibility, efficiency, affordability and pedagogical innovation offered by the Bircham International University distance learning higher education.



What about USA accreditation?

Accreditation is not equivalent to legality or recognition; it is a non-governmental and voluntary quality standard. Accreditation by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the USA is important for two main reasons: it provides standards in academic mobility in a country whose Constitution establishes freedom of education, and it distributes US Federal Grants only to its members. We acknowledge the academic quality of CHEA standards but we believe there are other standards equally respectable that fit better the specifics of a distance education university.


Reviews and opinion about Bircham University - Why?

Probably, any review or opinion about Bircham International University emanates from the a good intention to protect consumers. Unfortunately, there are a large number of online and distance learning institutions, known as Diploma Mills and mostly located in the USA, that sell diplomas that lack academic quality and integrity. The fact that Bircham International University is not accredited by CHEA and not recognized by the Ministry of Education sometimes may lead to its incorrect listing among these institutions from those who do not take a few minutes to verify and research further about the characteristics of our distance education university.



When would these Reviews and opinion end?

Since its foundation, Bircham International University has been dealing with internet reviews and opinion. Throughout the years, many websites have revised their opinion about BIU distance learning higher education. Bircham International University is a pioneering initiative that intends to resolve the deficiencies that adult degree programs encountered in traditional education. Bircham International University is constantly improving its academic quality and prestige, so the more relevant we become, the more reviews we will go through.



How to ensure that BIU is a good option?

Common sense comes first. Read Bircham International University website and talk to the BIU staff. A questionable institution does not offer consumer protection guarantees, nor clear information and evidence about its legitimacy and recognition, a sound Academic Board, tangible offices, an admission process, and/or a detailed academic programs. Additionally, during the year 2005, the Spain National Institute of Consumer Affairs (Instituto Nacional de Consumo - INC) from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs awarded Bircham International University with an official distinction of consumer protection. This seal provides a solid international consumer protection and a unique guarantee to all Bircham International University students worldwide.



Are BIU graduates affected by online reviews?

Obviously, any opinion or reviews generate uneasiness. Nevertheless, we are here to assure you that there is nothing to worry about. We must assume that there will always be some controversy about our innovative and effective approach to adult distance learning higher education. Any pioneering initiative that breaks the pre-established schemes and traditional regulations is skeptically reviewed. Distance learning higher education is not an exception. Since 1992, the students who trusted Bircham International University have benefited from good distance learning conditions and affordable tuition. 


Warn BIU about any comments, opinion, review and critics.

Bircham International University appreciates any warning about any website or publication reporting erroneous information about BIU distance learning higher education. At Bircham International University, we always welcome constructive criticism and we consider it a valuable asset to constantly improve our services. Your opinion highly matters to us. On the other side, legal actions will be taken against any false statement and/or destructive criticism.


A final advice for future students

If, despite all the common sense, the suggested references and evidence we provided, you remain skeptical about Bircham International University, we suggest that you wait and watch Bircham International University grow as a trusted and prestigious institution of adult distance learning higher education. Time is our only ally to prove the institutional integrity and academic quality of this distance learning university. 

Your motivation is the key to your success in distance learning higher education. If you have doubts that your educational effort will be wasted, you will surely lack the willingness to complete our distance learning degree. At Bircham International University, we do not want you to simply enroll but to graduate, to earn your deserved adult degree program, and to achieve your goals.

We are not in a hurry, are you?