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Study from anywhere in the world 

and at any time in the year.


You may enroll at Bircham International University from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year and earn a distance learning degree choosing from over 200 majors of study and with complete compatibility with your professional career.


For official admission status at Bircham International University distance learning higher education degree programs, you need to send in a filled out, dated and signed official Application for Admission. You may download this application form from our website or request it by email or mail.  Please send this application and enclosed documents to the corresponding BIU Office and allow ten business days for processing. You may also submit this application and attached documents by email in PDF Format.


ALL applicants must:

  • Fill out the application for admission
  • Submit one ID-sized photo
  • Date and sign the application


ALL Bachelor's, Master's, & Doctorate Applicants also must:

  • Attach biodata in the form of a Curriculum Vitae (Resume)
  • Submit Registration Fee of 200 €uros or 250 US$ (contact BIU Office for payment details)
  • Include copies of diplomas, transcripts, relevant documents,
  • Include any additional program proposal, scholarship request, etc. (optional).



Payment plans up to 24 monthly installments.


In order to confirm your admission and the final cost of your distance learning degree program you have to submit an official application for admission with copies of the diplomas and transcripts from your previous education, a detailed curriculum, and the admission fee (200€ or 250$). The admission fee is required only in case of Bachelor, Master or Doctorate. The reason for this admission fee is that admissions to these degrees require an extensive evaluation work of the documents concerning your previous education (subjects, credits, hours of study, etc…) and professional experience (jobs, skills, responsibilities, etc…). Once this evaluation is completed we have to validate the credits already earned and find the courses required to obtain the BIU distance learning degree. 


Once the application for admission has been processed BIU issues an Official Admission Certificate that shows the result of the evaluation – the number of credits transferred from previous education and/ or professional experience, the number of credits and the subjects that the student is required to study, as well as the final cost of the degree program. 


 Without your application for admission we will only be able to tell generic information, like the one you may now read on the web, but we will not be able to be specific about how many credits may be required for your degree program and the final cost. BIU programs are personalized for each student. 



An investment in education always pays the best interest.


CURRICULUM VITAE - Resume presentation guide.

Always begin with the most recent activity.



  • Dates when programs / courses began and finished.
  • Name description of each degree or diploma earned
  • Name of the institution that awarded the degree. City and country where the institution is based.
  • Credits or total hours to complete the program.
  • Copies of diploma and transcript. Original documents are not required.

Per Example: Sept 2001-May 2004 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Center of Human Sciences - Lyon, France  2700 hours. Transcript shows 180 ECTS  and 21 courses. See attached copies of diploma and transcript.



  • Dates when employment began and finished.
  • Name of the company.
  • Name of the position held and brief description of responsibilities and tasks involved.

Per Example: Nov 2003-July 2005 CALCO Export - Manager in charge of customer service & shipment verification. Two people under my supervision.



This section should include all other experience that may be considered for validation of credits, such as articles or books published, language skills, club memberships, seminars and conferences attended, independent research, etc. All entries in this section should be briefly described and assessed in terms of time devoted to it.


We look forward to receive your complete documents. 


If you have any further questions, please let us know