Doctorate online - Doctor Ph.D. Degree via distance learning


The online Doctorate degree via distance learning offers students the highest level of specialization a discipline can offer. Students acquire a highly specialized knowledge and a full command of specific skills that they will develop, argue, and defend in their culminating work: the Doctoral thesis.


You may earn a  Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) via distance learning in any major of study. The North American education systems considers several doctorate degree options. The Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is earned after successful completion and defense of a theoretical research on any specialization. This research is presented in the form of a doctoral thesis. The D.S. (Doctor of Science) is the consequence of a research based primarily on a laboratory work or an empirical investigation. The conclusions are also published on a thesis. There are also professional doctorates such as M.D. (Medical Doctor) or J.D. (Juris Doctor) which are earned only after successful completion of several years of professional practice among other requirements. The Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is the only doctorate degree that may be earned via distance learning. It should be quite clear that any laboratory work or professional practice may not be conducted online or through any other distance education modality.


The main requirement of the Doctor Ph.D. Degree via distance learning consists in submitting and discussing a 70 page thesis paper for review and evaluation by a Bircham University academic committee. In some cases, previously published material can be counted towards the online Doctorate degree via distance learning in substitution of the doctoral research work. Several 20 to 35 pages reports based on textbooks may also be required to complete the required online doctorate credits. Duration depends on the amount of research and work that students will devote to the completion of their doctoral thesis.


The online Doctorate degree via distance learning thesis must be defended in front of a minimum of three members of the Bircham University Academic Network. The Bircham International University office will set up the thesis discussion schedule with both the student and the BIU academic committee. Occasionally and upon request, this discussion may be established through the Internet or by phone and on one- to-one basis with each of the members of the Bircham International University academic committee.



DOCTOR of PHILOSOPHY (ONLINE Ph.D DEGREE - 45 to 70 credits)

  • 45 to 70 academic credits above a Master's program.
  • Average Duration: 24 months.
  • Program Structure: 70% textbooks + 30% Thesis.
  • Admission is open for adults over 27 years of age.
  • Master's degree or international equivalent (5 years of study) is required for admission.
  • Maximum cost of 9.100 Euros (11,900US$).
  • Payment plans are available at your corresponding BIU Office. Final cost may be reduced depending on the amount of credits transferred from previous education and experience. 
  • Cost per BIU earned credit: 130 Euros (170 US$). 
  • Cost per credit transferred from previous education: 20 Euros (25 US$).
  • Special reduced cost for former BIU graduates: 3.500 Euros (4,500 US$).




Honorary doctorates are granted to those individuals who have demonstrated humanitarian or scientific excellence. Every case is carefully analyzed, and the proposal must be supported by the BIU office director and approved by the BIU Academic Board. Candidates must submit: the Curriculum Vitae + two letters of reference + a minimum donation.


Online Doctorate degree via distance learning sample


Doctorate BIU Diploma Sample