Faculty of Engineering & Technology


Technology is in permanent evolution. There are flexible approaches inside the engineering and technology fields that can be properly studied with Bircham International University distance learning degree programs. There are usually no impediments for the professional practice of these disciplines at medium level technical posts, at managerial positions, or from a vocational point of view. Distance learning higher education is not the best option for research or high technology engineering positions that usually require traditionally accredited qualifications. A BIU distance learning degree programs cannot offer signing capacity in engineering, architecture or scientific projects. Admission into these programs is restricted and limited to qualified candidates with demonstrated theoretical and technical knowledge in their fields of study due to the fact that many of the credits required in technology and engineering  specializations cannot be provided effectively through distance learning higher education. A BIU distance learning degree programs constitutes an effective way to complement a traditional technological background with innovative approaches and further specialization.


Faculty of Engineering & Technology

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