Thank you for your interest in Bircham International University. If you are skeptical about the usefulness of a distance learning higher education program in general or about Bircham International University in particular, allow us to take you on a short tour and answer 10 of the most frequent questions we think you might have. Let us first assure you that distance learning degree programs are nowadays widely accepted and in many cases preferred. In fact, a number of adult degree programs are currently taking the direction we have been pioneering for the past few years. Once you learn about our distance learning university, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to answer all the questions you might have.


10 Key questions about Bircham International University



What is Bircham International University?

Bircham International University is a private and independent institution of distance learning higher education. It offers adult degree programs at the professional, undergraduate, and graduate levels. It combines an innovative method of distance learning and a sound and updated curricula to present a unique experience to the adult professional student(s). Bircham International University is simultaneously registered in the USA (Delaware), the European Union (Spain), and the Commonwealth (Bahamas). Consequently, all BIU distance learning degrees can be issued and legalized in these countries.



What does Bircham International University offer?

Bircham International University offers various distance learning degrees: Bachelor’s (B.B.A., B.S., and B.A.), Master’s (M.B.A., M.S., and M.A.), Doctorate (Ph.D.) and professional diplomas (Specialist & Expert). These distance learning degree programs are highly affordable and cover more than 200 disciplines including managementcommunicationshumanitiesartspsychologynatural healththerapiescomputerssciencesengineering, and others. Each distance learning degree is entirely completed by correspondence. Curricula are designed to meet the needs of the adult student, without interfering significantly in his/her professional life. Upon enrollment and after fulfilling all requirements, BIU will prepare the distance learning program of study and will mail the corresponding textbooks to the address provided by the student. The student will be required to write reports (and/ or theses) as a way of evaluating his/her distance learning program progress and outcome.



Who is this distance learning university for?

The distance learning higher education programs at Bircham International University are neither for everyone nor for all purposes. They are designed for busy working professionals who cannot find an adult degree program that meets their specialization requirements. For these adults from all countries and cultures, BIU offers an alternative higher education that combines flexibility (in time and space) and novelty (curricula and educational material) with high quality and affordability. Since 1992, Bircham International University has helped many graduates reinforce their professional careers and personal goals. Distance learning higher education is unquestionably a lifetime asset.

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How valid are our distance learning degree programs?

Bircham International University distance learning degree programs are valid for many purposes but not for all. The acceptance of a BIU distance learning degree in any hiring institution and/or university is always the prerogative of these latter. All adult degree programs earned at Bircham International University can be internationally legalized with The Hague Apostille Certificate (for Hague signatory countries) or Consulate Legalization (for Hague non-signatory countries). More information is available in our recognition section webpage.

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What is the academic quality of BIU distance learning degree program?

The distance learning degree programs issued at Bircham International University meet the current higher education guidelines set by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as well as the USA Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices (GAAP). BIU distance learning degrees are signed by a Doctor from a formal traditional university, the President of BIU, and the Registrar official. Upon graduation, all students at Bircham University receive a diploma, transcripts of records, a diploma supplement, and a certificate of evaluation for all the textbooks studied and the work accomplished (reports, projects, and/or thesis). These documents do not specify distance education. We are proud to announce that the European Union has considered BIU distance learning to be a reference adult higher education. This achievement constitutes a clear indication of the unexceptional quality and efficacy of Bircham International University distance learning higher education.

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What are the basis of BIU distance learning higher education?

BIU distance learning higher education is highly flexible. You can study anywhere and anytime. There is no need to attend any examination center. Upon enrollment, and once the Academic Board at Bircham University decides on your distance learning study program, you will be assigned specific textbooks that will be mailed to you. Your duties are to comprehensively read these textbooks (wholly or partially) and write assigned reports. The number of textbooks and reports differ from student to another and are set during the admission evaluation process. Bircham International University offers a tutoring and guidance system, which are explained in the BIU distance learning study guide

You may see the list of all academics and instructors at the Bircham University Human Network.


How may I enroll at Bircham International University?

You may enroll at BIU from anywhere in the world and at any time of the year.

The first step is to fill out and submit (either by post or as an e-mail attachment) an Application for Admission, accompanied with a detailed curriculum vitae or resume (that explains your background and highlights your previous education and experience). Upon receipt, The Academic Board at Bircham International University will review it and will issue a certificate of admission (in a matter of one or two weeks). This certificate indicates the number of credits that has been transferred from previous education, credits you need to earn at BIU, the corresponding courses, and the tuition fees. The admission process costs 200€ or the equivalent of $250 USA. If, for any reason, the admission to BIU was denied, this fee will be refunded.


What about the tuition fees?

BIU distance learning degree program’s tuition fees is largely determined by the number of credits transferred (20 € or $25 USA per credit) and credits required at BIU (70 € or 130 € per credit). For this reason, it is impossible for Bircham International University to accurately estimate the total tuition fees without processing and evaluating the application for admission. These fees normally cover the distance learning program of study, textbooks, student ID card, study guide, tutorials, assessment, online diploma, and transcript. The following is an estimate of the tuition fees for each adult degree program:

Payment plans (up to 24 monthly installments) are available upon request.


Are BIU distance learning degrees officially recognized by a ministry of education?

No, Bircham International University is a provider of non-formal or non-traditional education. Non-formal education programs do not follow the norms set by a Ministry of Education. Therefore, BIU distance learning degrees are not officially recognized by these latter. Nonetheless, BIU adult degree programs do not require further authorization from a Ministry of Education. Bircham International University activity is approved by the Ministry of Economy of Spain under the section 932.2 and is monitored by the Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs (Decreto 84/2004 de 13 de Mayo – Enseñanza General). Read more...



What about adult degree programs accreditation?

The process of accreditation is non-governmental. It is a completely voluntary and self-regulatory process that ensures the academic quality of educational institutions. There are no worldwide accreditation standards available. Accreditation is not equivalent to legalization and/or recognition. Bircham International University is accredited, recognized, and is a member of several international bodies. It largely meets the quality standards set by numerous organizations in different countries. None of these international bodies are recognized by the United States Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA–USA). This latter represents the highest reference body for accreditation in the USA. Read more...