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Bircham International University adapts each distance learning higher education degree program to the needs of each student and may also account previous education and some professional experience towards the adult degree program credit requirements.


Choosing the right major

The success of a Bircham International University adult distance learning degree program lies in its completion, not just in the decision to begin. Therefore, it is very important to choose the field of study that strengthens your professional profile and satisfies your interests. The right major choice is vital in fueling your motivation to complete your distance learning degree. Bircham International University may adjust nearly every major to any distance learning degree level.




Distance learning program duration

For a program of 21 credits, the estimated time for completion is 21 weeks. For 45 credits, the estimated time for completion will be 45 weeks, and so on. Calculations are approximate. The length of every adult degree program is calculated based on an average of 15 hours of learning per week. It also depends on the number of validated credits from previous knowledge and the level of commitment to the studies.



How to study a BIU distance learning degree program?

Bircham International University selects the best textbooks to meet the adult degree program learning outcomes. The student may also propose his or her own bibliography. However, this proposal must be revised and approved by the Academic Board prior to the distance learning degree program assignment. Students must read all the recommended textbooks and write corresponding reports, following the instructions provided in the Bircham International University distance learning study guide. Students may compose these reports from any location. Every report represents an evaluation unit. Once all the assigned reports have been submitted, evaluated, and approved; Bircham International University will issue the corresponding distance learning degree. In certain cases, a final project or thesis is also required. For further detail on the Bircham International University distance learning higher education, read the Study Guide section on this website.



Language of study

All information related to the distance learning degree programs is in English, although you may, upon request and approval, submit the required assignments in other languages.



Modules - majors of study by distance learning

All the specialties (modules) that you may see on our web have a postgraduate level and can be applied to Specialist, Expert, Bachelor, Master or Doctor. How is this achieved? A Master is obtained with 7 subjects from the selected specialization, plus a final project/ thesis. The diplomas of Expert and Specialist can be considered as “mini masters” that do not require a final project/ thesis. These diplomas do, however, not confer the same academic recognition, and are therefore cheaper. BIU distance learning postgraduate modules can also be used for doctorate programs, and with some adaptation in the textbooks and distance learning outcomes, may be also used to complete the last year of a Bachelor’s degree. BIU admission requirements and process ensures that learning outcomes are met at all distance learning degree levels.



Distance learning courses or subjects

It is also possible to combine subjects from two different specialties (modules) within the same faculty, or to even enroll in independent courses (subjects). Please notice that any proposal on this matter should be submitted in writing  with the application. You may even propose changes to the required courses assigned in the Official Admission Certificate. You are very welcome to let us know your proposal, and as long as the academic committee approves it we will do our best to conform your distance learning program of study according to your needs. 


These are some advantages of a real personalized distance learning.