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Bircham International University

Graduate Services


Bircham International University offers several graduate services in order to enhance the benefits that you may obtain from your education and degree, and facilitate the BIU diploma recognition.

Do ask about your diploma recognition goals, and we will be happy to advice the best way to proceed.


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If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)


To order any graduate services you must fill out and send the Graduate Services Order Form.

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Diploma Recognition


Diploma recognition options facilitate acceptance by companies and other educational institutions



Bircham International University



Diploma Recognition


Today, many people with all sort of degrees want to work in a different countries and professional sectors. It is important to provide options for a better diploma recognition, because not all educational institutions share exactly the same academic curriculum, and companies may require some verification about the legitimacy of the degree. More info...



Internet References


The copyright of these research work always belong to the author. BIU can not supply any copy of a research without the written permission of the author. Contact us if you are interested in any of these works. Your request will be forwarded to the author, who will then decide how to address your demand. More info...



Academic Acceptance


Bircham International University distance learning degree programs meet the current higher education guidelines set forth by the European Union (European Credit Transfer System [ECTS]) as well as the USA (Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices [GAAP]).


No educational institution may guarantee the acceptance of their degrees, because acceptance criteria is different at each institution or company, and it also differs depending on their own policy, and the country where they are based. More info...



Degree Legalization


Bircham International University distance learning degrees can be internationally legalized with The Hague Apostille (for Hague signatory countries) or Embassy Legalization (for Hague non-signatory countries).


Degree legalization may be required by some institutions as a guarantee of validity, since it officially authenticates the signatures, the legality, and the legitimacy of the documents released by any distance education university such as Bircham International University. More info...



Credit Evaluation Services


BIU graduates may get evaluation reports from several institutions. The requirements of each credential evaluation service may vary depending on the degree program, specialization and graduate resume on each occasion. BIU can not guarantee credit or degree validation in all instances. BIU does not intermediate in these procedures. More info...



Graduation Documents


Graduation documents are always issued in English, and will be updated according to the latest regulations or formats adopted by Bircham International University. These documents may be issued and legalized from the USA (Delaware) or Europe (Spain) . If you do not express any preference, the documents will be issued from Spain.

Bircham International University issues the following graduation documents:

1. Diploma: It shows the full graduate name, degree program, date, issuing country and signature of the Dean of the Faculty, the President and Registrar. It does not specify any distance learning information.

2. Transcript. It shows all of the credits accounted towards the degree, including the credits transferred from previous education, and the corresponding grades. It includes the Diploma Supplement information, as required by European Higher Education guidelines.

3. Translation: One document translation that includes the main information extracted from the diploma and the transcript, and a ID picture. It may be issued in several languages.

4. Evaluation Reports. They show the evaluation details of all the academic work submitted to BIU: reports, project or thesis.

5. Transcript Attachment: Provides a detailed description of the courses and the credits listed in the Transcript. It may be issued in several languages.

Bircham International University provides much more than a diploma. The graduation set documents provide a comprehensive report of your academic achievements, credits earned and transferred, course descriptions, program textbooks, etc... The Graduation set documents do prove the extent and depth of your program of study at BIU. More info...



Professional Practice


Each profession develops its own entry requirements. Potential BIU students are advised to check, prior to enrollment, whether a Bircham International University distance learning degree is accepted at the professional practice they are seeking. Requirements for a particular profession vary widely among provinces, states, or countries. Some jobs require degrees recognized solely by a Ministry of Education; while others accept a diploma duly legalized or endorsed by a professional association.

Professional practice depends on a student experience and career and not only on the university degree. In other words, a student may qualify for a particular practice while others may not, despite holding the same degree from the same distance learning university.

Bircham International University graduates may join many professional associations. Membership requirements for each association may vary depending on the degree program, specialization and graduate resume en each occasion. BIU can not guarantee membership in all instances. BIU does not intermediate in these procedures. Bircham International University provides a list of available memberships and professional references from each faculty where some BIU graduates may belong. Contact directly the ones you select. More info...



Companies of today value those who demonstrate the will power, responsibility, motivation and capacity for self-improvement required by studying at a distance learning university.





Graduation Ceremony


Bircham International University has organized the means to celebrate this special moment: the graduation! More info...


Bircham International University students may start and finish their distance learning degree programs any date along the year, so there is never a good time and a good place for everybody to celebrate a big graduation ceremony.

Individual Graduation Picture
The BIU office has a set of graduation caps and gowns available for any graduate wishing to take an individual graduation picture. The student must schedule an appointment for this picture taking. There is no charge for this picture set up. If you wish, we may publish your pictures on the BIU web.

Graduation Ceremony
BIU organizes several graduation ceremonies every year around the world. All BIU graduates who wish to receive their diploma at an official graduation ceremony are welcome to attend. BIU does not provide graduation rings or any other regalia. The dates, cost and details of each graduation event will be confirmed in due time.



Diploma Recognition


To order any graduate services you must fill out and send the Graduate Services Order Form.

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BIU OFFICES - Contact ...
If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)