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 BIU Financial Aid

Distance degree programs - Financial Aid.

Distance Learning University Online - Scholarship.


Bircham International University
Affordable Tuition! - Scholarship


Bircham International University has established several financial aid options to help you access BIU adult degree programs via distance learning, including some tuition scholarship.



Scholarship - Distance degree programs


We would like to inform you that Bircham International University has a scholarship fund available for a limited time. The terms and conditions to access this scholarship fund are:


1. Tuition reduction.
If this financial aid is granted then the tuition and the corresponding payment plans will be reduced accordingly.

2. Send a letter for scholarship request.
You must apply for the scholarship in writing. In this letter you must explain your personal situation, and why you consider you deserve such financial aid. It is also advisable that you detail what your actual budget is for the desired program of study. If you deem it necessary, feel free to attach any other document to support your argument. You must include this letter with the application for admission.

3. Scholarship awarding order.
Scholarships will be granted in the order the applications for admission are received, and until the available scholarship fund is fully spent. If you do not qualify for a reduction, we will notify you the next time that a scholarship fund is available.


All Bircham International University graduates who wish to earn another adult degree program at BIU, are entitled to substantial reductions in the tuition, and they are exempt from any admission fee. This reduction may not be accumulated to other grants or financial aid offered by BIU.


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Payment plans are available upon request up to 36 monthly installments. More info...


Payment Plan - Distance degree programs


Here we present different payment options available. Any consecutive monthly installment payments should be charged on your credit card. Initial or single payments can be charged on your credit card, sent via bank or wire transfer or Paypal.





(...) Total tuition cost: 1000

(...) 3 Monthly installments of 333 = Total: 1000
(...) 6 Monthly installments of 182 = Total: 1091
(...) 12 Monthly installments of 100 = Total: 1200
(...) 12 Monthly installments of 100 = Total: 1200
(...) 24 Monthly installments of 56 = Total: 1333
(...) 36 Monthly installments of 38 = Total: 1385

(...) Initial payment of 333 + 12 Monthly installments of 67 = Total: 1133
(...) Initial payment of 333 + 18 Monthly installments of 48 = Total: 1190



Fees include all: Program of study, textbooks, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript.

Cost per BIU earned undergraduate credit: 70 Euros (90 US$)
Cost per BIU earned postgraduate credit: 130 Euros (170 US$)
Cost per transferred credit from previous education and/or professional experience if required: 20 Euros (25 US$)



Refund Policy

Bircham International University provides a beneficial refund policy for the student: 100% tuition refund within 15 days from the program start; 80% tuition refund within 90 days; and 50% tuition refund within a whole year from the program start. This policy guarantees no financial risk to anyone willing to try the BIU's innovative distance learning higher education for adult professionals. More info...


An investment in education always pays the best interest.

Payment plans up to 24 installments.

What else you need?



Affordable Tuition! - Distance degree programs


BIU distance learning degree program’s tuition fee is determined by the number academic credits required. The credits required, and thus the tuition, may change depending on any other credits transferred from previous education. For this reason, we can not estimate accurately the total tuition fee of any personalized degree program without assessing a complete application for admission.

BIU distance learning degree program’s tuition fee may range from 3.510 Euros (4.420 US$) to 9.360 Euros (12.240 US$) depending on the degree level and program required credits.

If you wish to try a distance learning university experience, we recommend that you select among the hundreds of continuing education courses that we offer with a reduced fee of 500 Euros (700US$). More info...


A distance learning university is more cost efficient, and therefore, the BIU tuition is highly affordable. Students will save up many times what they might spend if pursuing the same adult degree program from a traditional university.


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Study via Distance Learning from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year. More info...



Bircham International University
Non Profit Organization


Donate & help others to study!
Education is a lifetime asset, and one of the best ways to help others. More info...


Bircham International University tuition scholarship fund is generated by donations and profits.

BIU holds a USA 501c3 non profit organization status. Charitable donations are deductible from IRS taxes for US citizens. It is a good idea to consult a tax professional to find out the deduction and benefits of your donation to Bircham International University. BIU may issue an invoice type document that may be required for tax deduction, upon request and after receiving your donation. Request an invoice for any donation exceeding 250 US$.
100% of the donations are allocated to the tuition scholarship fund.
Donations may be in the form of money or textbooks. 

* Money donations:
Use Paypal, bank transfer to BIU's Chase Manhattan Bank account in the USA, or a check payable to Bircham International University. You may find payments details downloading the payment form.

* Textbooks donations.
¡Donate the text books that you are not using!
BIU does only accept textbooks that may be applicable to our distance learning higher education programs. Inform the BIU office of the books that you intend to donate. If we can use them, BIU will send a courier to pick up the books at no cost from your side.

GuideStar offers the highest level of recognition to USA non profit organizations. It provides 4 levels of administrative transparency status, ranging from bronze to platinum, the maximum. Bircham International University is proud to be classified at the Platinum level of the GuideStar ranking for its non profit project, dedicated to helping students worldwide to access a good education. More info...



Tuition Scholarship Fund


Since its foundation, Bircham International University has used the income from the students tuition to grow and improve. Now we have been able to shape this reinvestment and improvement spirit in the form of a non profit organization. We want to thank all those students who have believed in BIU's innovative distance learning higher education and have made this progress possible.


1. Limited specialization availability.
Full tuition scholarships are limited to a specific major of study and adult degree program. A list of the available scholarships will be informed through BIU web. Available majors of study and degree program will not be made available upon your request, but upon donation preferences.

2. Full scholarship application.
Once you see a scholarship available, you should quickly submit the application for admission with the following remark: “I request full tuition scholarship for the offer published on (date).” The applicant must always meet the BIU distance learning adult degree program admission requirements.

3. Full scholarship confirmation: $300 refundable deposit.
BIU will inform you if the full tuition scholarship has been granted.
You are required to pay a 300 US$ deposit to confirm your acceptance of the full scholarship. If you do not pay this deposit within 7 days since BIU confirmed your eligibility, you will lose the scholarship. This deposit will be refunded to you upon completion of the program of study. Note that the textbooks assigned for full tuition scholarship distance learning adult degree programs may not be new because they have been donated.

4. Changes in the program of study: $250 administrative fee.
If the student who got the full tuition scholarship wants to change to another program of study, or degree, he or she may be required to pay any tuition difference, and any additional textbook assignments, set by the new distance learning adult degree program. The donation value chart will be used for this purpose. This change must be requested in writing only after the acceptance of the full scholarship has been confirmed with the payment of the deposit. A non refundable 250 US$ fee will be charged for administrative expenses, per change. Any new books assigned, or other new additional material required, are not included in the new distance learning adult degree program. Any subsequent program changes will require an additional payment of 250 US$ for each program change, until the due dates for program termination.

5. Program termination.
Refund policy is not applicable in the case of full scholarship programs.
Full scholarships are subject to completion deadlines. If you do not complete any of the required assignments in the due dates, that will be shown at the Assignments Evaluation Form, you will loose the scholarship, and the deposit of 300 US$. You must request in writing the refund of the initial deposit, once you have completed the program of study. If you do not request this refund within 30 days from the program's completion date, your deposit will be converted into a donation, and added to the tuition scholarship fund for the benefit of other students.
Check the list of available full tuition scholarships via distance learning. More info...


Tuition Scholarship Fund - Bircham International University


Bircham International University is a non profit institution that offers tuition scholarships and financial aid for its distance learning degree programs.

The tuition scholarship fund for distance learning degree programs will be granted depending on the availability of donations and support from individuals and organizations.

Upon request, Bircham International University may issue a donation certificate thanking your contribution, with the full name, picture, country and adult degree program of the person that you have helped.
Full tuition scholarship for distance learning value chart:

* A minimum donation of 500 US$ is required to put your name on a full tuition scholarship for a course. 
* A minimum donation of 1,500 US$ is required to put your name on a full tuition scholarship for a Specialist or Expert diploma. 
* A minimum donation of 3,500 US$ is required to put your name on a full tuition scholarship for a Bachelor’s degree. 
* A minimum donation of 5,000 US$ is required to put your name on a full tuition scholarship for a Master’s degree.  
* A minimum donation of 7,000 US$ is required to put your name on a full tuition scholarship for a Doctorate Ph.D. degree.

Any difference between your donation and the actual cost of the distance learning adult degree programs will be sponsored by Bircham International University. BIU will use this value chart for any degree program changes affecting any full tuition scholarship for distance learning.


Name your tuition scholarship! 
And know the person you helped to study!
Thank you for your contribution. More info...



Distance degree programs for Adults & Professionals
Financial Aid - Scholarship - Affordable Tuition!


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