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Admission requirements - Distance Learning University.

Procedures - Distance Learning Higher Education Online.


Bircham International University


Every adult student's situation and profile is different, and we like to handle cases individually. Contact us to get your questions answered directly. Then, you will be ready to apply for admission at Bircham International University. You may also choose the language of study. Please note that BIU does not provide visa and immigration services, because all our distance learning degree programs may be completed at home.



How to study at BIU




Formal Enrollment


Study via Distance Learning from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year. More info...


BIU distance learning degree programs are highly affordable, and are entirely completed by correspondence, not online. Curricula are designed to meet the needs of the adult student, without interfering significantly in his/her professional life. Credit for prior learning and experience may be granted. Upon enrollment, BIU will elaborate a personalized distance learning program of study, then we will mail the corresponding physical textbooks to the address provided. The student will be required to write reports about the assigned textbooks as a way of evaluating his/her academic program progress and outcome. A project or thesis is always required for any distance learning postgraduate degree. More info...



Application for Admission


Click to Download... Application for Admission


The first step is to fill out and submit, either by post or as an e-mail attachment, the Application for Admission, accompanied with a detailed curriculum vitae or resume, and any relevant additional documents.


Upon receipt, and a processing time of 7 business days, BIU will issue a certificate of admission indicating the number of credits transferred from your previous education, the credits (and courses) that you are required to earn for the distance learning degree program, and the tuition fee.


Without your application for admission we will only be able to tell generic information, like the one you may now read on the web, but we will not be able to be specific about how many credits may be required for your degree program and the final cost. BIU programs are personalized for each student. More info...



Official Admission Certificate


BIU adapts each Distance Learning Higher Education degree program to the needs of each student. More info...


After submitting the application for admission; you will receive an Official Admission Certificate that will indicate all the credits transferred from your previous education (identified as TRANS), any credits allocated from professional experience (identified with a CFLEX code), and the credits that you are required to earn at Bircham International University in order to complete your degree program. Also, this certificate details the official tuition cost of your selected degree program. If you agree with our proposed syllabus, the next step would be to formalize your enrollment. More info...



Affordable Tuition!


Payment plans are available upon request up to 36 monthly installments. More info...


A distance learning university is more cost efficient, and therefore, the BIU tuition is highly affordable. Students will save up many times what they might spend if pursuing the same adult degree program from a traditional university. More info...

BIU distance learning degree program’s tuition fee is determined by the number academic credits required. The credits required, and thus the tuition, may change depending on any other credits transferred from previous education. For this reason, we can not estimate accurately the total tuition fee of any personalized degree program without assessing a complete application for admission.

BIU distance learning degree program’s tuition fee may range from 3.510 Euros (4.420 US$) to 9.360 Euros (12.240 US$) depending on the degree level and program required credits.

If you wish to try a distance learning university experience, we recommend that you select among the hundreds of continuing education courses that we offer with a reduced fee of 500 Euros (700US$). More info...


Fees include all: Program of study, textbooks, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript.

Cost per BIU earned undergraduate credit: 70 Euros (90 US$)
Cost per BIU earned postgraduate credit: 130 Euros (170 US$)
Cost per transferred credit from previous education and/or professional experience if required: 20 Euros (25 US$)



Formal Enrollment


A distance learning university makes studying & working easy and compatible. More info...


To formalize your registration in a distance learning degree program, you need to deposit the corresponding tuition payment according to the payment plan (up to 24 monthly installments) you have chosen. To ensure consumer protection, BIU has issued a program cancellation and refund policy after enrollment.

You are formally registered as soon as a payment is received. Then, Bircham International University will determine the academic work assignments and textbooks necessary to earn the credits you need to complete your distance learning degree program.

International legalization documents, p.e. the Hague Apostille Certificate, and other diploma validation services specified in the Graduate Services Order Form are not included in the tuition.

For memberships into recommended professional entities, you should contact each organization directly. More info...



Refund Policy

Bircham International University provides a beneficial refund policy for the student: 100% tuition refund within 15 days from the program start; 80% tuition refund within 90 days; and 50% tuition refund within a whole year from the program start. This policy guarantees no financial risk to anyone willing to try the BIU's innovative distance learning higher education for adult professionals. More info...


An investment in education always pays the best interest.

Payment plans up to 24 installments.

What else you need?


Home Study Online Learning


A good education should teach HOW to think, rather than WHAT to think. More info...



How to study via distance learning at BIU?



BIU distance learning for adults is highly flexible. You can study anywhere and anytime. There is no need to attend any examination center. Upon enrollment, and once the Academic Board at Bircham University decides on your distance learning study program, you will be assigned specific textbooks that will be mailed to you. Your duties are to comprehensively read these textbooks (wholly or partially) and write assigned reports. The number of textbooks and reports differ from student to another and are set during the admission evaluation process. Bircham International University offers a tutoring and guidance system, which are explained in the BIU distance learning study guide.

All the specialties (modules) that you may see on our web have a postgraduate level and can be applied to Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate. How is this achieved? A Master's degree is obtained with a minimum of 7 subjects from the selected specialization, plus a final project. The diplomas of Expert and Specialist may be considered as “mini masters” that do not require a final project. These diplomas do, however, not confer the same academic recognition, and are therefore cheaper. BIU distance learning higher education postgraduate modules can also be used for doctorate programs and in support of the thesis; with some adaptation in the textbooks and distance learning outcomes, the modules may be also used to complete the last year of a Bachelor’s degree. BIU admission requirements and process ensures that learning outcomes are met at all distance learning degree program levels.

It is also possible to combine subjects from two different specialties (modules) within the same faculty, or to even enroll in independent courses (subjects). Please notice that any proposal on this matter should be submitted in writing with the application.

You are very welcome to let us know your proposal, and as long as the academic committee approves it we will do our best to conform your distance learning higher education degree program of study according to your needs.

These are some advantages of a real personalized distance learning higher education. More info...



Starting the program of study


Writing reports is key at Bircham International University, as often is the case in professional life. The program requirements primarily consist of studying all the textbooks assigned and writing reports on these readings, according to the guidelines described in the BIU home study guide. Once you have received all the instructions, program guidelines, textbooks, and other study material; it will be up to you how to organize your time to complete the assignments in order to obtain your degree. Bircham International University offices will always be available to answer your questions and support you along the progress of your studies. More info...


Process Control Form (PC Form)
This document informs of the student's current administrative status and other formal requirements related to the completion of the distance learning higher education degree program.

Assignments Evaluation Form (AE Form)
This document informs about the details of the distance learning degree program assignments. In other words, it lists the suggested textbooks, all written reports (exams) required per textbook. It also keeps record of the dates when the books were shipped, when reports were submitted to Bircham International University, and the grades obtained for each report. Note that one book does not necessarily correspond to one course. Each book may cover several course contents, either totally or partially.

Research Evaluation Form (RE Form)
Postgraduate programs (Master's & Doctor of Philosophy) always require the submission of a final project or thesis. This form shows the title of the final project or thesis, the dates of submission and evaluation, the corresponding grades, and the names of the professors involved in the evaluation process. More info...



ID Card

A university enrollment certificate and student ID card are usually provided at the beginning of the distance learning higher education program. Student ID Card is sent to degree program students only (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate).
Processing time: 15 days after formal enrollment (First payment).



Receipt & Official Invoice


A receipt is issued every time any payment is received. It indicates the payment date and amount, the Bircham International University office (or BIU authorized agent) that received the payment, the total amount paid, and any due amount.
Processing time: Immediately, and every time a payment is received by BIU.

The official invoice is issued upon request, after completion of all payments, or at the end of the fiscal, or tax year including all the payments received that year.
Processing time: annually, or upon request.



No matter what technology supports the education process, learning occurs only as a result of the active processing by our biological brain. More info...



Academic Supervisor Bircham International University



Tutoring and advice


Bircham International University establishes some channels of communication, documents, and advice with the purpose of optimizing the service and performance offered to students. In our opinion, this is the best way of providing rapidity and quality throughout your program of study. Nevertheless, we do not want your home study to become an impersonal or detached experience. For this reason, we remind you that we are here to take care of any question that you may have.


All questions related to the presentation of written assignments, doubts concerning textbook comprehension, knowledge level, etc., as well as any administrative procedure should be addressed to your Bircham International University Office. This latter will coordinate taking care of your questions with the appropriate member of the instructor's team. More info...





The corresponding textbooks are included in the fees. Once the fee has been paid, the books may take between two to five weeks to reach your address. Bircham International University offices may inform you at any time of the status of your books. If the book is in English, the required report must be written in English unless you have requested to write it in other language and have gained Bircham International University authorization.


Do allow some time for delivery of all the textbooks, as we need to order them from different publishing houses, and then physically deliver them to you. These textbooks are the foundation of your home study program. They are selected based on their comprehensive and updated coverage of the subject. Delivery time may vary depending on the publishing house and the availability of the textbook. More info...





Bircham International University distance learning higher education evaluation method encourages the development of critical thinking and information processing. The professors base the evaluation of the material (reports, projects, and/or thesis) submitted by the students on three criteria; each accounting for one third of the final grade. More info...





For a program of 21 credits, the estimated time for completion is 21 weeks. For 45 credits, the estimated time for completion will be 45 weeks, and so on. Calculations are approximate. The length of each distance learning degree program is calculated based on an average of 15 hours of learning per week. It also depends on the number of validated credits from previous knowledge and the level of commitment to the studies.

The Bircham International University distance learning degree program consists of studying all the textbooks assigned and writing reports about these readings, according to the guidelines described in the study guide. This study guide explains the BIU distance learning higher education pedagogical system, how to study the provided textbooks, how to do and present the required reports and research work (Project or thesis), the evaluation process, and more useful learning tips.

Duration depends on your dedication to complete the required assignments.

Once you have received all the instructions, program guidelines, textbooks, and other home study material, it is your duty to administer your time to complete the assignments and obtain your degree accordingly. We believe that distance learning higher education is based on a sense of responsibility. No one better than yourself can decide how best to administer and organize your time. Bircham International University will not actively pursue the submission of your required academic work. At the same time we do want to let you know that we are here to help you in the progress of your home studies. Let us know when you need extra support.

The cancellation of your program of study may occur if you fail to submit payments as per the agreed payment plan option, and/ or failure to submit assignments for one year. More info...





Submitting forged documentation, or including false information in the curriculum vitae will result in the immediate dismissal of the student and the loss of the registration as student and any payment refund rights.

The BIU degree and/or transcript will not be awarded until all tuition due is paid and all required assignments are passed. More info...



What is important is what you know, and not how much you should study, or how you have acquired that knowledge. A distance learning university should make things easy and not create obstacles.

Feel like trying?


Distance Learning Higher Education



Graduation Ceremony


Bircham International University has organized the means to celebrate this special moment: the graduation! More info...


Bircham International University provides much more than a diploma. The graduation set documents provide a comprehensive report of your academic achievements, credits earned and transferred, course descriptions, program textbooks, etc... The Graduation set documents do prove the extent and depth of your program of study at BIU.

These documents are: Diploma, Diploma Supplement, Transcript, Evaluation Reports (Academic Evaluation Control Form), Research Evaluation Form (Thesis or Projects). Additionally BIU provides an Official Diploma Translation (with your picture) and a Transcript Attachment describing all the courses earned at BIU in several languages. Original copies of any of these documents may be issued from Europe or the USA.

BIU distance learning degrees and transcript are signed by a Doctor from a formal traditional university, the President of BIU, and the Registrar official. These documents do not specify distance education. The diploma and other graduation documents will always be issued in English. More info...


Diploma recognition options facilitate acceptance by companies and other educational institutions. More info...


Bircham International University students may start and finish their distance learning degree programs any date along the year, so there is never a good time and a good place for everybody to celebrate a big graduation ceremony. More info...


Academic Supervisor Bircham International University


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Graduates' Testimony, Opinion & Review
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