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Distance Learning University - Degree Legalization.

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Bircham International University distance learning degrees can be internationally legalized with The Hague Apostille (for Hague signatory countries) or Embassy Legalization (for Hague non-signatory countries).


Today, many people with all sort of degrees want to work in a different countries and professional sectors. It is important to provide options for a better diploma recognition, because not all educational institutions share exactly the same academic curriculum, and companies may require some verification about the legitimacy of the degree.

Bircham International University is simultaneously registered in the USA (Delaware) and the European Union (Spain). Consequently, all BIU distance learning degrees can be issued and legalized in these countries. More info...


Bircham International University offers several graduate services in order to enhance the benefits that you may obtain from your education and degree, and facilitate the BIU diploma recognition.

Do ask about your diploma recognition goals, and we will be happy to advice the best way to proceed. More info...


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Degree Legalization

Bircham International University - Distance degree programs.


Degree legalization may be required by some institutions as a guarantee of validity, since it officially authenticates the signatures, the legality, and the legitimacy of the documents released by any distance education university such as Bircham International University.

The criteria for official degree validation vary among countries. For this reason, this legalization process does not necessarily guarantee the final acceptance of BIU distance learning degrees. Sometimes, other documents are required additionally for the official recognition of BIU distance learning degrees. Prior to enrolling, check the distance education university degree's acceptance requirements and compliance with governmental regulations.


In accordance with the resolutions reached at The Hague Convention held on October 5th, 1961, documents issued by institutions in one country can be officially legalized in other countries if they are accompanied by a notary certification, the Apostille, which authenticates the signatures and stamps appearing on such documents. Increasingly countries around the world are adopting this validation procedure for its simplicity and worldwide acceptance.

Bircham International University distance learning degrees may be legalized with the Hague Apostille from the United States of America or Spain, European Union. The Apostille must be issued by the same country the distance learning degree is issued from. The Apostille automatically validates your diploma in all the countries signatory of the Hague Convention.


This legalization process is conducted through the embassy of the country where you want the diploma authenticated. This degree legalization is only valid for that specific country. Embassy degree legalization is not applicable if the country is signatory of the Hague Convention.


Bircham International University does not issue the legalization of the degrees. BIU acts as an intermediary agent to provide an all inclusive and easy service to the graduates that require the authentication of their distance learning degrees. The cost of the degree legalization itself is not expensive. It is the process involving notaries, lawyers and couriers what makes it more costly. Due to the high cost of this process, BIU accumulates the degree legalization orders from the different graduates, and organizes the authentication five times a year. Once the process is completed, the legalized degrees are collected by BIU, and sent to the corresponding graduates.

The common degree legalization process:

- An original diploma and transcript must be issued in the country where the legalization will take place.
- A notary public will verify the corporate good standing of Bircham International University.
- The BIU registrar will verify and sign, in front of the notary, the authorized signatures on the diploma and transcript.
- The notary public will then certify the validity of the signatures, and the BIU documents.
- The validated documents are presented to a higher body for official legalization. In the case of Spain, this will be the Official College of Public Notaries, and in the case of the United States of America, it corresponds to the Secretary of State.

In the case of the Hague Apostille.
The higher body certifies the official legalization of the documents with the Hague Apostille. Then, the authenticated documents are sent to the graduate.

In the case of the Embassy Degree Legalization.
- The higher body verifies the authorized signatures accepted by the Embassy of the receiving country. In Spain, this step needs to be ratified by the Ministry of Justice, and later by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the USA, this is ratified by the Office of the Secretary of State.
- The higher body certifies the official legalization of the documents with the authorized signatures. The, the documents are presented to the receiving country's Embassy or consulate.
- The Embassy legalizes the documents with a Consulate Authentication, each unique to each country. Then, the authenticated documents are sent to the graduate.

Timing: 7 to 15 weeks since the order is placed and paid.
If the graduate services order form arrives once the process has been started, the order will have to wait for the following shipment after 9 weeks. The Apostille process itself may take around 5 weeks, so expect a processing time ranging 7 to 15 weeks since the order is placed.

Each issuing country has established different formatting styles for the Hague Apostille and Consulate Authentication Certificates. Also the departments in charge of the document authentication are different in each of the issuing countries.

USA degree legalization is issued by the Secretary of State and it consists of a set of additional papers attached to the legalized documents. Check example.

Spain degree legalization is issued is issued by the National Notary Public with a set of seals stamped on the back of the legalized documents. Check example.



Degree Legalization
Bircham International University


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Degree Legalization
Bircham International University


Degree Legalization Bircham International University


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