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Distance degree programs - Opinion.

Distance Learning University - Review.


Bircham International University
Opinion & Review


Since its foundation, Bircham International University has been dealing with reviews and opinion because the unique characteristics of our distance learning degree programs often generate confusion to those who do not take a few minutes to verify further. More info...


Some website may question the integrity or validity of Bircham International University. This is just a matter of opinion.

Probably, any review or opinion about Bircham International University emanates from a good intention to protect consumers. We strongly believe in the freedom of expression, but not in the publication of any misleading and erroneous information about our distance learning university. Let us know of any improper opinion that involves BIU.

Over the years, Bircham International University has addressed any improper reviews and opinion. BIU provided evidence demonstrating our legitimacy, consumer protection guarantees, and academic quality. Many of those references have changed their opinion about our distance learning university; while others still remained skeptical.

At Bircham International University, we believe that the success of a distance learning degree program resides in two factors: First, a personalized syllabi designed to meet individual students’ aspirations and educational needs, and second, an efficient evaluation of the distance learning process through the assessment of home-written reports and/or thesis. Both factors do not fit within the regular criteria and norms set by a Ministry of Education, which explains why BIU distance learning degrees are considered non-formal, and are not so officially recognized.

Today, a government regulated formal educational institution cannot offer a distance learning degree program that presents the flexibility, efficiency, affordability and pedagogical innovation offered by the Bircham International University distance learning higher education. More info...


Bircham International University ranking may be considered within the top ten in regards to educational quality according to the wide list of references supporting it, and the guarantees granted by its dual legal status, which merge the best of the two leading higher education systems of the world: Europe and the USA. BIU excellency has been recognized by the USDLA Education Quality Certification. More info...


EU Curaçao Ministry of Education (Netherlands)
EU EQF - European Qualifications Framework
EU VIP - Validation of Informal Learning
USA Accreditation References
USA Legal Compliance
USA Non Profit 501c3 Status
More info...


Bircham International University Review


At Bircham International University, we do not want you to simply enroll but to graduate, to earn your deserved distance learning degree program, and to achieve your goals.

We are not in a hurry, are you?



Bircham International University
Opinion & Review


Academic Acceptance

No educational institution can guarantee the acceptance of their degrees. Acceptance of higher education degrees is always entirely at the discretion of each receiving institution or employer. It also differs depending on their own policy, and the country where they are based. More info...


Distance Learning

Traditional university is still reluctant towards the complete acceptance of distance learning higher education. The effectiveness of distance learning for adults is questioned in regards to genuine cost saving, after taking into account the investment in infrastructure, the difficulty involved in adapting or creating a course for delivery through distance education, and the need to provide students with university functions, such as registration, advising, and access to library materials. Questions also raise the quality of the online educational experience, the issue of adult higher education recognition, and also point out to the invasion of online distance learning universities called "diploma mills", fraudulent institutions that offer worthless distance learning higher education degrees, many requiring little or no coursework, in exchange for money.


Today, only irresponsible consumers fall under the easy treats offered by diploma mills. Technology has proven to provide genuine cost savings for full distance learning universities, which is reflected in an affordable tuition with an excellent cost/quality ratio. Nowadays, the effectiveness of distance learning for adults, in regards to learning outcomes and demonstrated professional skills, is out of question. More info...


Consumer Protection

European consumer protection seals, plus membership into other relevant distance learning organizations worldwide, provide a solid international guarantee to all Bircham International University students in Europe, and the rest of the world. More info...


Refund Policy

Bircham International University provides a beneficial refund policy for the student: 100% tuition refund within 15 days from the program start; 80% tuition refund within 90 days; and 50% tuition refund within a whole year from the program start. This policy guarantees no financial risk to anyone willing to try the BIU's innovative distance learning higher education for adult professionals. More info...


Opinion & Review - Bircham International University

John Bear, a well known expert in distance learning universities for adults, stated: "For many years, I have written that, in the process of choosing any school, the prospective student should determine, as best he or she can, that their credential will meet both their current and predictable future needs. Based on the testimonials offered by Bircham, it seems clear that there are many satisfied people with their credential." Bircham International University ranking may be considered within the top ten according to the opinion of many of its graduates. More info...


The Distance Learning for adults is taking the direction that Bircham International University has been pioneering. More info...




How to ensure that BIU is a good option?
Of course it is, but common sense comes first.


Review Bircham International University information and talk to the BIU staff. A questionable institution would not offer consumer protection guarantees, nor clear information and evidence about its legitimacy and recognition, a sound academic board, tangible offices, an admission process, detailed academic programs, etc… 

Some opinion or reviews may generate uneasiness, but there is nothing to worry about. There will always be some controversy about our innovative and effective approach to distance learning higher education. Any pioneering initiative that breaks the pre-established schemes and traditional regulations is skeptically reviewed. Distance learning higher education is not an exception. Since 1992, thousands of graduates do attest our success.

A final advice. Motivation is the key to your success pursuing a distance learning degree program. If you remain skeptical about Bircham International University, we suggest that you wait and watch BIU progress. Time has been our ally for a quarter of a century, and it is the best way to prove the institutional integrity and academic quality of our distance learning higher education. More info...


A distance learning university is the perfect solution for many people.

Are you one of them? More info...


Academic Supervisor Bircham International University


BIU OFFICES - Distance Learning University - Contact ...
If you have any further questions, please let us know. :)



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