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Study Guide
Study Guide
Study Guide

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Effective adult distance learning higher education.


Bircham International University



Bircham International University distance learning higher education evaluation method encourages the development of critical thinking and information processing. The professors base the evaluation of the material (reports, projects, and/or thesis) submitted by the students on three criteria; each accounting for one third of the final grade. More info...


33% Format:
The organization and presentation of the information.
Evaluation of the format accounts for data organization, hierarchy, interrelationships, and clarity of presentation.
Affidavit - Index - Font size and spacing - Content breakdown (parts, chapters...)
Detailed index (Pages numbered...) - Data organization - Clarity (Orthography) - Aesthetics.

33% Content:
Reflects how much the report matches the bibliography.
Evaluation of the content is based on the comprehension of the material as well as the student’s synthesis skills and concept interaction. Report contents are valued only as 33% of the final grade because the textbook is available for the student throughout report elaboration.
Minimum length - Subject key points - Concept interaction - Topic adequacy.
Maximum length - Topic analysis - Synthesis skills - Comprehension level.

33% PQT- Personal Quality Thinking:
Shows how the subject is mastered through case studies, personal comments, and the ability to apply the information learned to problem-solving. Evaluation of the PQT shows the student's analysis criteria and critical thinking, as reflected in the writing and presentation style.
Fluent Writing - Charts, illustrations... - Original work (no copy/paste) - Communication efficacy.
Personal writing style - Case analysis (or arguments) - Case resolution (or topic conclusion) - Critical thinking (Opinion).


Bircham International University follows the following grading scale:

4.0 - Excellent - 91-99% / A
3.5 - Very Good - 81-90% / B
3.0 - Good - 71-80% / C
2.5 - Satisfactory - 61-70% / D
2.0 - Sufficient - 51-60% - E (Minimum passing grade)
1.5 - Fail < 50% / F

To earn any course credits, a grade point average of E (2.0 - 50%) or higher is required.


No matter what technology supports the education process, learning occurs only as a result of the active processing by our biological brain.


Academic Supervisor Bircham International University


Assessment Process


Effective adult distance learning higher education. More info...


The assessment process involves three phases:

1. Specialized evaluation:
When any assignment is submitted (report, project or thesis), the BIU office carries out a fast format review to state whether the submitted work meets the format requirements. Then, it is forwarded to the corresponding professor for content evaluation. Professors are selected on each occasion from BIU's academic network, among those better qualified for such degree program, and available for the assessment. The professor should correct the work submitted within a period ranging three to seven weeks. In case that the final grade does not meet the minimum (2.0 - 50%), the paper has to be repeated. The evaluating professor is required to explain what needs to be corrected and improved for any grade lower than 3.0 (Good). Higher grades may not carry improvement comments.

2. Supervision:
The BIU Supervisor will review a second time the paper evaluated by the specialized assessment professor. The supervisor will concentrate mostly on the format and personal quality thinking criteria of the submitted paper. The supervisor will also assess the teacher's criteria, grading and comments to ensure that the paper has been properly corrected according to BIU's distance learning higher education pedagogical standards. The supervisor may change the grade proposed by the initial evaluator by 0.5 points (a 15% plus or minus). In case of major discrepancy, the supervisor may also request a different professor evaluation.

3. Final Grade & Transcript:
The evaluation and supervision results of the papers submitted (report, project or thesis) are presented to the Faculty Academic Board for the final review and elaboration of the grades certificate or transcript. Then, the Faculty Academic Board will sign the corresponding diploma and transcript.



The cancellation of your program of study may occur if you fail to submit payments as per the agreed payment plan option, and/ or failure to submit assignments for one year. More info...


Distance degree programs Bircham International University


At Bircham International University, we do not want you to simply enroll but to graduate, to earn your deserved distance learning degree program, and to achieve your goals. More info...


All questions related to the presentation of written assignments, doubts concerning textbook comprehension, knowledge level, etc., as well as any administrative procedure should be addressed to your Bircham International University Office. This latter will coordinate taking care of your questions with the appropriate member of the instructor's team. More info...



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