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Distance Learning Higher Education for Adults & Professionals.

Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor Ph.D. Degree Online.


Bircham International University


Bircham International University offers various distance learning degree programs. These distance degree programs are highly affordable and cover more than 200 disciplines including management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, engineering, and others.


Every adult student's situation and profile is different, and we like to handle cases individually. Contact us to get your questions answered directly. Then, you will be ready to apply for admission at Bircham International University. You may also choose the language of study. Please note that BIU does not provide visa and immigration services, because all our distance learning degree programs may be completed at home. More info...


Choosing the right major!


The success of a Bircham International University distance learning degree program lies in its completion, not just in the decision to begin. Therefore, it is very important to choose the field of study that strengthens your professional profile and satisfies your interests. The right major choice is vital in fueling your motivation to complete your distance learning degree. Bircham International University may adjust nearly every major to any distance learning degree program level.


What is important is what you know, and not how much you should study, or how you have acquired that knowledge. A distance learning university should make things easy and not create obstacles.

Feel like trying? More info...



Faculty of Arts & Humanities via distance learning

BIU Arts & Humanities



Faculty of Arts & Humanities - See List...

Advertising Creativity - Ancient History - Anthropology - Archaeology - Art History - Artistic Design - Audiovisual Communication - Childhood & Special Education - Community & Social Development - Comparative Literature - Conflict Resolution - Creative Arts - Creative Writing - Cultural Studies - Diplomacy - Education & Pedagogy - Educational Administration - Educational Technology - ELT English Language Teaching - English Literature - Ethics - Film Direction & Production - Geopolitics & Geostrategy - Human Rights - Humanities - Institutional Relations - Interior Design - International Cooperation - International Law - International Relations - International Studies - Journalism - Language Studies - Legal Science - Library & Data Management - Linguistics - Media & Communications - Military Strategy - Multimedia Design - Museology - Mythology & Occultism - Noetic Science - Paleontology - Peace Studies - Performing Arts - Philosophy & Critical Thinking - Political Science - Public Affairs - Religion - Social Engineering - Social Science - Sociology - Spiritual Science - Translation & Interpretation - World History



Faculty of Business & Media via distance learning

BIU BIU Business & Media



Faculty of Business & Media - See List...

Accounting - Advertising & Media - Agribusiness - Bank Management - Business & Economic Consulting - Business Administration - Catering & Restaurant Management - Circular Economy - Construction Management - Cryptocurrency - CSR Corporate Social Responsibility - Digital Marketing - Digital Media - Disaster Management - E-Business & E-Commerce - Econometrics - Economic Science - Engineering Economics - Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Entrepreneurship Management - Environmental Management - Executive Leadership - Farm Management - Finance & Economics - Financial Intelligence - Financial Management - Financial Science - Hotel Management - Human Resources - Influencer Marketing - Innovation Management - International Business - International Trade - Logistics - Management Science - Maritime Port Management - Marketing & Communication - Mass Communication Management - Microfinance - Natural Ecosystems Management - Operations Management - Organizational Communication - Organizational Studies - Outdoor Recreation Management - Petroleum Industry Management - Project Engineering Management - Protocol & Etiquette - Public Policy & Administration - Public Relations - Real Estate - Sales & Product Management - Security & Emergency Management - Social Community Management - Social Media Management - Special Events Management - Sport Management - Sustainable Development - Total Quality Management - Tourism & Leisure Industry - Tourism & Leisure Management - Trade Marketing - Urban Development



Faculty of Computer Science via distance learning

BIU Computer Science



Faculty of Computer Science - See List...

Artificial Intelligence - Bioinformatics - Computation Engineering - Computational Intelligence - Computer Science - Computer Systems & Networks - Cyber Security - Data Science - Digital Studies - Information Science - Information Technology - Internet Studies - Management Information Systems - Networks Science - Persuasive Technology - Quantum Computing - Software Engineering - Systems Analysis & Design



Faculty of Engineering & Technology via distance learning

BIU Engineering & Technology



Faculty of Engineering & Technology - See List...

Aeronautical Technology - Agricultural Engineering - Architecture & Architectural Design - Automotive Technology - Biotechnology - Building Technology & Design - Chemical Engineering - Civil Engineering - Domotics - Earthquake Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Electronics Engineering - Energy Engineering - Energy Science - Engineering Science - Environmental Engineering - Ergonomics - Geotechnical Engineering - Hydraulic Engineering - Industrial Engineering - Industrial Production - Landscape Architecture - Maintenance Engineering Management - Materials Science Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronic Engineering - Military Engineering - Mining Engineering - Occupational Safety & Health - Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering - Petroleum & Natural Gas Production - Process Instrumentation Technology - R & D Research & Development - Renewable Energies - Robotics & Automation - Structural Engineering - Sustainable Architecture - Technological Management - Technological Science - Telecommunication Engineering - Urban Planning & Design



Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences via distance learning

BIU BIU Life & Earth Sciences



Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences - See List...

Agriculture Science - Agroecology - Animal Studies & Research - Aquaculture - Astronomy - Astrophysics - Biochemistry - Bioethics - Biology & Life Science - Botany & Plant Science - Chemistry - Earth Science - Ecology - Environmental Health - Environmental Science - Ethology - Fire Science - Forestry - Genetics - Geography & Cartography - Geology - Human Animal Studies - Hydrology - Livestock & Animal Science - Marine Biology - Marine Ecosystems - Marine Science - Mathematics - Meteorology - Microbiology & Immunology - Molecular Cell Biology - Optics - Physics - Pure Sciences - Scientific Research - Security & Safety Studies - Soil Science - Statistics - Sustainable Agriculture - Viticulture - Wood Science - Zoology



Faculty of Natural Health Science via distance learning

BIU Natural Health Science



Faculty of Natural Health Science - See List...

Anti-Aging Therapy - Aromatherapy - Ayurveda - Bioenergetic Therapy - Energy Healing - Food Science - Gerontology - Health Care Administration - Herbology & Phytotherapy - Homeopathy - Human Biology - Iridology - Kinesiology - Manual Therapy & Massage - Natural Beauty & Cosmetics - Natural Health Science - Naturopathy - Nutrition & Diet Therapy - Oriental Therapies - Public Health - Quantum Healing Therapy - Regenerative Cellular Therapy - Scientific Nutrition - Sensory Therapy - Sports Science - Sports Training - TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine - Toxicology - Wellness & Health - Yoga Therapy



Faculty of Psychology via distance learning

BIU Psychology



Faculty of Psychology - See List...

Addictive Behavior - Animal Assisted Therapy - Art Therapy - Clinical Psychology - Coaching & Leadership - Cognitive Psychology - Consciousness Studies - Counseling Psychology - Criminology - Dream Studies & Oneirology - Educational Psychology - Forensic Psychology - General Psychology - Gestalt Therapy - Holistic Integral Therapy - Humanistic Psychology - Hypnotherapy - Mindfulness - Music Therapy - Neural & Brain Science - NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming - Organizational Psychology - Parapsychology - Performance Psychology - Personal Growth Techniques - Positive Psychology - Psychoanalysis - Psychosomatic Therapy - Psychotherapy - Sexology - Social Psychology - Social Work - Soul Therapy - Thanatology Death Studies - Transpersonal Psychology



How to study a BIU distance learning degree program?


Bircham International University selects the best textbooks to meet the distance degree program learning outcomes. The student may also propose his or her own bibliography. However, this proposal must be revised and approved by the Academic Board prior to the distance learning degree program assignment. Students must read all the recommended textbooks and write corresponding reports, following the instructions provided in the Bircham International University distance learning study guide. Students may compose these reports from any location. Every report represents an evaluation unit. Once all the assigned reports have been submitted, evaluated, and approved; Bircham International University will issue the corresponding distance learning degree. In certain cases, a final project or thesis is also required. For further detail on the Bircham International University distance learning higher education, read the Study Guide. More info...


BIU adapts each Distance Learning Higher Education degree program to the needs of each student. More info...


The Bircham International University distance learning degree program consists of studying all the textbooks assigned and writing reports about these readings, according to the guidelines described in the study guide. This study guide explains the BIU distance learning higher education pedagogical system, how to study the provided textbooks, how to do and present the required reports and research work (Project or thesis), the evaluation process, and more useful learning tips.

Duration depends on your dedication to complete the required assignments.

Once you have received all the instructions, program guidelines, textbooks, and other home study material, it is your duty to administer your time to complete the assignments and obtain your degree accordingly. We believe that distance learning higher education is based on a sense of responsibility. No one better than yourself can decide how best to administer and organize your time. Bircham International University will not actively pursue the submission of your required academic work. At the same time we do want to let you know that we are here to help you in the progress of your home studies. Let us know when you need extra support.

The cancellation of your program of study may occur if you fail to submit payments as per the agreed payment plan option, and/ or failure to submit assignments for one year. More info...


All information related to the distance learning degree programs is in English, although you may, upon request and approval, submit the required assignments in other languages.


Study via Distance Learning from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year. More info...


Bircham International University


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Graduates' Testimony, Opinion & Review
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