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Bachelor's Degree Online via distance learning


A Bachelor's Degree online via distance learning is the equivalent of a four year college degree.

The Bachelor's Degree online via distance learning provide students with comprehensive knowledge in specific fields of study. Students acquire a full understanding of all subjects related to the major.

The course curricula of the Bachelor's Degree online via distance learning is entirely based on published textbook material and is adjusted to the student's personal goals. The final exam consists of writing several 20 to 35 pages reports based on each of the assigned textbooks.

A Bachelor's Degree at Bircham International University requires 130 academic credits, around 2000 hours of study according to the USA semester credit system, which are equivalent to four years of study at the traditional university. Credits from previous education may be transferred to reduce the academic requirements and the duration of this distance learning degree.



Bachelor's Degree Online via distance learning

130 Academic credits

Tuition Fee : Min. 3.510 Euros (4.420 US$) ... Max. 6.800 Euros (8.700 US$).

Fees include all: Program of study, textbooks, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma, and transcript.
Cost per BIU earned undergraduate credit: 70 Euros (90 US$)
Cost per transferred credit from previous education and/or professional experience if required: 20 Euros (25 US$)


Payment plans are available upon request up to 24 monthly installments. More info...



Bachelor's Degree Online via distance learning

Bircham International University distance learning degree admission requirements differ depending upon the Faculty and the major of study. There is no discrimination with respect to race, color, sex, beliefs and/or religion. A minimum of 30% of the total number of credits required by any adult degree program syllabus has to be transferred from previous education and/or validated from professional experience in order to gain admission. A maximum of 20% of the total number of credits required by the distance learning degree program can be transferred from professional and life experience. More info...


* 130 credits above a Secondary School.
* Duration ranges from 1 to 3 years.
* Program Structure: 100% based on textbooks.
* Admission is open for adults over 23 years of age.
* General education minimum requirements: A minimum transfer of 40 credits from previous education should be accounted as an equivalent of general education credits towards the Bachelor's Degree online via distance learning.


A distance learning university provides more than just a DEGREE.

It unquestionably proves your skills. More info...



Study from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year.

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Bircham International University offers various distance learning degree programs. These distance learning degree programs are highly affordable and cover more than 200 disciplines including management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, natural health, therapies, computers, sciences, engineering, and others.


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BIU adapts each distance learning higher education degree program to the needs of each student.
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Bircham International University is a higher education alternative for adults from all countries and cultures who choose not to attend a formal campus based university. The special character of BIU is reflected in its diversity of programs, its effective pedagogical distance learning degree programs and its international presence.

In today's world, companies often require employees not only to have acquired professional experience but also a university education. BIU offers you the opportunity of boosting your professional career with our many distance learning degree programs. More info...


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Bachelor's Degree Online via distance learning


 Bachelor's Degree